What's Not in the Box Wednesday

A lot of bloggers who use workboxes will post a "What's in the Box Wednesday" on their blog. They show the contents of their workboxes and a short description of them. I enjoy seeing what others are using for their workbox system and gleaning ideas from them of what to put in our boxes.

Today I decided to let you know what was not in our boxes.

I did not put any copywork in the boxes. I did not put any math pages in the boxes. I did not put thinking skills workbooks in the boxes. I did not put grammar lessons in the boxes. I did put any science reading, notebooking or experiments in the boxes. I did not conduct group time and read our history or artist biography.

Here's what we did do today.

Lulu made pancakes for breakfast. (Measuring and cooking practice)

Conman and I had a long discussion over some behavioral issues. (Character building, bible)

The boys designed their own Lego creations on the computer using Lego Digital Designer. Conman designed a scene of the California gold rush. (Science, art, computer skills, history-narration)

Lulu swept and mopped the kitchen and vacuumed the house. (Homemaking skills)

The boys and I pulled weeds. While in the process, some spiders and bugs were discovered. (Science, Nature Study)

Lulu is working on some place cards for a spring tea at church next week. (Art, computer skills and language arts)

Conman made a sign for our upcoming yard sale. (Art, handwriting)

I'm also pretty sure some reading will get done today. Lulu has an orthodontist appointment and will most likely take a book along. Blakester and Conman will probably read before bed. They will also complete their daily bible study and Conman and I will read from Little Rebel Becomes a Saint for character building.

So, even though I declared today a no-school, get-housework-done day, learning was still accomplished. It's important to remember that it is not checking off the list and completing every workbook page that enables education to occur.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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