Weekly Wrap-Up #2

I like the idea of a Weekly Wrap-Up so I plan on continuing with it. It's also a lot of fun to see how other homeschoolers have spent their weeks. If you click here, you can read about other Weekly Wrap-Ups as well.

I posted last Monday about Bob the lizard moving into his new abode. Here is a photo of his fancy new home. Unfortunately, Bob likes to hide in the sand, so we don't see a lot of him. Every now and then Blakester will dig him out so he can watch him run around for a while. I also had to purchase 24 more crickets on Monday. Apparently Bob has a large appetite.

Tuesday, Conman attended his gymnastics class. A little more attention was paid this week to his coach.

Our picture study this week was on Audubon's print, The Large-Billed Puffin. The kids are doing well at narrating. I leave the prior weeks pictures up and they are even noticing similarities between the prints.

We wrapped our reading of The Bible Story by Arthur S. Maxwell. This is a 10 volume set of wonderfully illustrated bible stories that came from my grandparent's house. There are 409 stories and we started reading them when we began homeschooling. Arthur Maxwell is the same author who wrote Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories. We have some of the audio cassettes of these and the kids really enjoy them.

We started Conman's 106 Days of Creation study by reading about the days of creation and starting on Day 1, light. Here is his rendition of each days topic. I somehow managed to create the notebooking page with all the little circles myself! You can download the template here if you'd like one.

We also started reading about California Missions all together using California Missions History and Model Building Ideas for Children. This was the best book I could find at our library that gave a summary of each mission's history. We worked on narration this week, and mapped the missions on a blank California map. Next week the kids will be sketching one of the missions and we're going to attempt to build one. We also plan on visiting a couple of them in a few weeks so the kids can get a first hand glimpse at the history they've been reading about.

Thursday was the sunniest day weather wise this week, so after a morning of schoolwork we headed to the park. I know spring is coming because plants and trees are in full bloom around here.

The kids hung out on the twirly things eating their PB&J sandwiches while I soaked up some short-lived sun. It's raining again today.

I even managed to pull out some creativity and start on my Texas scrapbook. (More on my Texas obsession later.) I completed two pages this afternoon and just left the mess on the craft table so I'll be sure to go back to it.

That's all for this week. Enjoy your weekend~


  1. It looks like you covered a lot of ground. Bob's new home looks comfy :)

  2. I'm not a scrapbooker at all, and I have such admiration for those that can create beautiful keepsakes using that medium. Your pages are wonderful!

  3. Wow, I'm impressed that you read through all 10 volumes. That's wonderful.

    Growing up those books were at my doctor's office:)


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