Wednesday Nature Study

Our regularly scheduled nature study was cancelled today due to rain. At this rate we'll never make it through our outdoor hour challenges. Blake did spot a Yellow-Billed Magpie who was enjoying the drops this morning.

Charlotte Mason believed in taking her students out for a nature walk in every kind of weather. In England they were used to the drizzly days. I prefer to stay in by my fire!

So instead of braving the weather, we read about the red-tailed hawk from our Handbook of Nature Study. I chose this bird because he was the subject of our picture study this week.

When viewing this picture, we didn't realize the Red-Tailed Buzzard was also called the Red-Tailed Hawk. After searching through our handbook I came across a photo of this and realized they were one in the same. Something new learned!

I hope the forecast is calling for some sun next week~

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