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I find it interesting that with the issue floating around concerning the Apologia textbooks and creation vs. evolution that Conman and I started on his new science program Monday entitled 106 Days of Creation. I decided to continue with him on his own program right now and wait on combining him and Blakester for at least another year.

Anyways, this is a comprehensive lesson plan that covers the 7 days of creation, breaking them up into the 7 individual topics of creation. It's published by Simply Charlotte Mason and can be purchased either as a bound book or a downloadable e-book. It relies on some experiments, books, videos and the bible to present the subject matter.

Today our schedule was to read and narrate the book Yellow and Pink by William Steig. I didn't link to it, as the copies I found on Amazon were ridiculously expensive. I was able to find this book at one of the small (very small) branches of our county library. What a surprise & relief!

This is a great little book that enables you to discuss creation vs. evolution in terms the little ones can understand. The story entails two wooden puppets who wake up and wonder how they came to be. One puppet decides they must have been created by someone for they are very intricately made. The other argues the point that if they were created they would have known it, and he believed they just happened. He tells a story of millions of years passing by and the piece of wood he's made from being shaped by time, until it became a puppet. In the end, the creator comes back and takes them home. (Pretty good analogy there.)

I was mistaken yesterday when I posted that all my children knew what evolution was. Conman told me he did not. Probably because all he's been taught is creation. That's what we believe and so that is what he knows. So this was great timing to explain the difference to him. He did comment that those people who think we appeared by accident are idiots. Oops! That's just as bad as the hateful posts on the article I referred to yesterday. I will have to clear that one up with him.

Anyways, a wonderful resource to use. But do try to find it at a library. If I ever run across a used one I'm going to be sure to snatch it up!

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  1. Shannon, Thanks for the book recommendation! I just put in a request for it at our library in Austin :) I'm new to your blog (from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers).


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