Austin City Wide Garage Sale

I took off to Austin this past Saturday mainly to accomplish my Christmas shopping; but partly to visit the City Wide Garage Sale! I had attended once before and really enjoyed perusing the booths in search of treasures.

I started my day off with my warm drink of choice, a White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha! See, it even says we’re best friends!


I have a few pics to share that I snapped inside the Palmer Event Center where City Wide is held. I’ll apologize beforehand for the snapshots-a photographer, I am not.

Booths filled with every imaginable treasure as far as the eye can see!


Several vendors had their shimmery, silver trees up. Lots of vintage Christmas décor and ornaments were to be found.


I met Theresa from Garden Antqs Vintage. She is just as nice and sweet as everyone out here in blog world says she is! Her booth was filled with wonderful pieces in shades of cream, white and silver. How fun! This in particular caught my eye-She’s hung up some vintage gloves along with some ornaments. Very cute.


I spied a few things from Le French Laundry that were absolutely adorable. Aren’t her tags lovely?


Cute totes.


Love the crown. It came in three different sizes.


Those were all the photos I took at the sale. There’s always so much to see!

I ended up coming home with a small, cream colored quilt to use on our couch in the office and a couple of cloth napkins. One vendor sells her linens by the pound!

This is what I consider my find of the day-a chippy and rusty, white, iron gate piece. I’m pretty sure I’m going to sell it, although I’m tempted to hang it on my wall over my desk.


I’ve completed my little projects I gave you a sneak peek of last week, so I’ll be sharing the finished products with you soon!

Have a great evening!


What Was I Thinking?

I meant to post this last night, but I ran out of time and energy. I’m not sure why I decided all of the following needed to be done yesterday-the day before Thanksgiving-but I’m willing to share my insanity with y’all. (Please ignore the horrid, yellow Formica countertops in the background.)

Beans in the crockpot for our family and some friends for dinnertime.


Baking to be done. Some from scratch; some not. I eat gluten free and I’ve found the best results come from the baking mixes.




Carrot cake recipe was my husband’s grandmother’s. The finished cake probably weighs at least ten pounds!


I forgot to take a photo of the lovely pan of cornbread we had with our beans.

In between mixing, baking, cooling, mixing frosting, and frosting, I worked on a couple of projects. I’ll share final results later when everything is in its proper place.


100_4840 100_4837


So, after a cake, cupcakes, cornbread, two (different) homemade frostings, cornbread, a batch of beans, some spray paint and four projects, I was ready to call it a night.

Right after I checked out the after Thanksgiving sales flyers!

Right now I’m off to make stuffing. That couldn’t be done a day ahead of time!

Blessings to everyone this Thanksgiving Day!


My Current Project (one of)

I found this a while back at a Homegoods store and just had to bring it home.


I thought it would make a great centerpiece for my dining room table. Which, in itself, is a whole ‘nother project.  Problem was, I couldn’t figure out what to put in it!

I came across this idea, of making rag balls using old shirts, in a copy of Flea Market Style magazine-which I just love! 




Instead of purchasing shirts, I bought fabric scraps from a local thrift store. These ranged in price from .10 cents to .50 cents per bundle. I think I bought five or six bundles of different cream and white textures.

I also picked up a few bags of styrofoam balls from our Dollar Tree. I wrapped the fabric around these to help with the shape. 

And here’s what I came up with. 





And of course, a burlap one. Gotta love the burlap.


So now I just have to figure out what to throw in there with them. I was thinking maybe some old baseballs would make a good texture combination. Any ideas?


Mommy Duties

This last week I had to do perform a mommy duty. Well, I had to perform more than one, but this was one I always put off. 


Usually I wait until I have a pile of items and then turn on a show I enjoy and iron away.

But not last week. My children had a special ironing request that had to be done.


These are what were so important:

A horse….


Red Skull from Captain America….


and Captain America himself.


Melty beads or fusion beads, as they could be known. My talented little boys like to create all kinds of creatures with these and then wait patiently for me to iron them. (Just a little sarcasm inserted there.)  But once they’re completed, they have oh-so-much-fun with them. And it was certainly worth pulling the iron out for.

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Is That a Bookworm?

Connor recently found this living in his Language Lessons workbook:


Yep, Connor opened the book up and this little guy was basically living inside it.  Now, I’m fairly certain that we read last year in his Nature Reader that bookworms don’t actually eat books. However, I’m not so sure that was accurate, as this guy was working his way through the current page, as evidenced in the following photo: 


And, yes, I do think that’s worm poop


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