Lost Maples State Park

Hi, everyone! I am still around…..just not enough time in the day to keep up with everything it seems! I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted. I’ve changed Connor’s age on the sidebar-he’s had a birthday and is a whole 8 years old now!

Well, we have been exploring around our area quite a bit and I wanted to share some of our goings and doings with you all.

I’ve become friends with another homeschooling mom in the area that has 2 boys close in age to mine, so we get together every couple of weeks and do something fun. These photos are from our day at Lost Maples State Park.

The drive to the park was beautiful in itself. It took a little over an hour and part way we drove alongside the Guadalupe River, which snakes back and forth in this area.

The trees in the park usually turn colors mid-October to early November, depending on how cold it has been. On the day we visited, we hadn’t had a real cold spell yet, so they were just starting to change colors.

Here is a shot of a large limestone rock the rises above the river on one side.


As we hiked through the park, we stopped to observe some minnows in the creek.


Here is a shot of one of the trees that had started to change colors already.


We stopped to rest and play on a large limestone rock that had a shelf to climb and walk on and an outcropping over it. In the pictures it looks like we standing in an ice cave!



A view back up the creek on our hike back.


The boys discovered if they moved a few rocks, the water was running directly under us. They liked the idea that we were “walking on water.”


This little guy dropped out a tree, almost directly onto the boys. We had never seen anything like him, but I’ve been unable to identify him. If any readers out there know what he’s called-please let me know!


I’m going to try to post some more of our adventures and stay caught up!

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