Cheap Finds

I had a cheap find today that I feel obligated to report upon!

After checking out some books at the library, we, of course, stopped in at the library bookstore. Lo and behold, on the shelf was the Harry Potter book #7. We own books 1-6 and just last week Lulu tried to talk me into buying #7 at Barnes & Noble. At $15.00, I said, "No way." I'm pretty sure I made her day when I was able to get it used for $1.00!!! She is feverishly reading through it as I type. This is actually her second go-round of reading the series. The first time we had to borrow #7 from a cousin. Blakester is hot on her heels, as he's about half-way through book #5.

I also count the following as some of my "cheap finds":
  • The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien ($.50 at Goodwill)
  • Homeward Bound movie ($1.50 at Goodwill)
  • Great American Nature Writing by Joseph Wood Krutch ($1.00 at library book store) This looked very interesting. It's an anthology of nature stories. I recognized a few of the authors included: John Muir, Thoreau, Ernest Thompson Seton.
  • Sounder movie ($1.00 at library book store)
That's it for now. I haven't really been out looking, but am always happy when I do find some treasures!

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  1. Ooh, I love good deals like this! I frequent Goodwill and St. Vinnie's and the Friends of Library sales. I'm a bit of a nerd and I have a spreadsheet of all our books (and prices). Even with the brand new books I've had to purchase our average per book is only $3.00. =) hehe


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