The ADHD Child Does Gymnastics

Conman is participating in a short-term gymnastics class that was organized by our local homeschool group. I chose to sign only him up 1) because of being younger, he's not been able to join all the activities the other two do-archery, for example-and this was something that seemed tailor-made for him, and 2) I thought it would be a good outlet for his energy.

It was an interesting class. There were 14 children and two coaches. The coaches were great with the kids, and kept them moving along well.

Conman threw himself into this with all the enthusiasm he reserves for everything he does. He seemed to go a wee bit overboard in his stretches, but did really well with the jumping, somersaults and balance beam. I did notice he had a hard time sitting still while waiting for his turn on the bar. He got up a couple times, once to take a random turn on the balance beam, and once to grab a bouncy ball out a large bucket. The coach nicely, but firmly, reminded him he had to sit still if he wanted a turn. This just confirms that I need to work a little more with him on the habit of attention and obedience.

I thought we might have a problem when Conman refused to take off his glasses for the class, claiming his eyes hurt too much to have them off. But he did everything OK with them on, removing them to do somersaults and then putting them back on afterward.

All in all, I think it went rather well. He really needs the movement in his day and this is a great alternative way to get it.

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