Curriculum Excitement!

This morning Conman and I ventured back up to the closest homeschool supply store we have around here. After my major clean out last month I had left some boxes with the owner for her to go through and see if there was anything she was willing to give me credit for.

Well, there was!

After subtracting $10.00 for some books I had already brought home, I received about $80.00 credit from her to use in the store. Talk about exciting!

So, what did I come home with?

Apologia's Exploring Creation with Zoology 2-Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day-This is for Blakester. He only has a couple lessons left in his current book.

Queen Homeschool's Pictures in Cursive Book B-Again for Blakester. He's really enjoying his first book and asked to continue for more practice.

Queen Homeschool's Language Lessons for the Very Young-Book 2-This is for Conman. He'll finish up his book 1 in a few weeks, and we'll continue on with book 2.

I also came home with a new Geosafari card set. It's all about ocean creatures. I thought the kids would enjoy it as a supplement to their science.

It was a good morning, and I was very glad I had glanced at how far the kids were in some of their books so that I could prepare for future lessons!

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