Nature Study

Nope, it's not Wednesday, but we managed to squeeze in our nature study today.

It was beautiful and sunny, so we decided to go for a short walk. The boys took their nature sketch books with them, but Lulu chose to stay home. She said she wanted to sketch grass. What? Was she trying to get off easy?

Well, she surprised me. She sketched a great picture of up-close blades of grass, using different pencils to shade them in.
The boys sketched some flowers & weeds we found along our walk.

Blakester's California poppy:

Conman's flower:

I snapped a few photos, but I haven't had the time to look them up and identify them. I really need to get a California flower field guide to keep handy.

Some kind of thistle.California poppy

Not sure.....

This fat, little guy sat in a tree in our front yard for the longest time. I believe he's a chickadee.

Now that they sun is showing it's face once more we'll be able to take in more of God's beautiful creations.

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