Weekly Wrap Up

This week I decided to participate in a Weekly-Wrap Up post sponsored by Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. You can read her week's happenings here.

The creative juices were flowing around here this week. Warning-this post is long and picture heavy!

Conman completed his science study of the human body. He finished coloring and pasting the internal organs on his paper guy. We used an older version of My Body for reading and the patterns for the organs and bones.

He also learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. We've tried to convince him in the past to let us remove the wheels, but he would have nothing to do with it. With some coaxing from big brother, he was off and wheeling.....

The boys are always snapping pictures of their Lego creations, so when we found some special Lego brand scrapbook paper a few weeks ago, we had to get it. Conman chose his favorite photos and designed a scrapbook page.

Lulu modeled a strand of DNA using pipe cleaners and colored beads.

She also is working on a couple of experiments from her Apologia General Science book. One has to do with detecting the starch in leaves, and the other is to observe a plant for 30 days to discover how it produces its own food.

Blakester adopted a lizard from outside today. He had just been wondering if he should have a King Snake or a Chameleon for a pet. This stemmed from his science reading this week on reptiles from Apologia's Exploring Creation Zoology 3. Grandma happened upon the lizard while pulling weeds. Since it's still pretty cold outside, he wasn't moving very quickly and was easy to catch. Blakester has him in a makeshift home right now, but I promised we could find something more permanent for him. He did some research on the net and figured the lizard's a Western Fence Lizard. I think he said his name is Bob.

If you are on a diet you may not want to read any further-Inspired by a post from Ree over at The Pioneer Woman I decided to try making her Apple Fritters. I followed her recipe exactly, with the exception of frying mine in a light buttery olive oil, rather than canola oil. Hers are definitely prettier than mine, but I was happy with the results. They are really yummy! Thanks, Ree, for sharing your recipes!

We also managed to pull some weeds while the sun was out, load and haul wood up to the house in case it rains this weekend (we had to cancel our garage sale) and the kiddos sorted and bagged up some bottles and cans for recycling.

A pretty good week~


  1. It WAS a pretty good week! Love the lizard- my eldest daughter (who's 7) bought a pet Brown Anole Lizard with her Christmas money. The best part about Princess is watching her eat- man, can she devour a cricket!

  2. Great week! Those apple fritters look delicious!

  3. What a great week!! Love the dna strand. Now I can't wait til we study DNA. LOL

    And thanks for sharing the apple fritters. Now I feel compelled to make some. Her recipes are sooo good.

  4. I love the internal organ model and the DNA strand. We made one of those the General Science class I teach at co-op. It was fun.


  5. Oh yes, the apple fritters are certainly contagious! Looks like a great week.


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