Shhhh….Don’t Tell Him

My husband and I don’t usually make a big fuss, if any, over Valentine’s Day. No extravagant gifts, pricey dinners or romantic getaways. It’s just not been our thing.

However, this year I found something for him I could. not. resist.

I was searching for a sign price on Etsy and happened upon this fabulous item from Neatcurios.

Isn’t this the coolest thing?


My husband’s name is Robert, so of course, I did not hesitate in hitting the purchase button. Its description read, “A neat antique Victorian Glass Sign. The sign is made of thick glass with a "carved" edge and has a reverse painted decoration which is marked "ROBT McDOWELL".


Neat, curvy glass. It looks like it’s backed with tin foil, but I’m not certain.


Regardless, I thought it was a pretty unusual piece. We’ll probably display it in our office or bedroom when they are redone.

But, don’t say a word. He won’t get it until tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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