Friday’s Finds

Instead of entitling my post “cheap finds” as I’m so prone to do, I thought I’d attempt a little classier description. Only I’m kind of at a loss for descriptive words. So I’m going with Friday’s Finds. Original, huh?

I picked up this check box full of buttons, along with another baggie of random crafty items, beads, glitter, lace, etc., at the thrift store.

There’s some fun stuff in here.


I even scored some keys in the mix.


I’ve become enamored with black and white enamel ware. Today I was lucky enough to find not one, but two, count ‘em, two bowls! Black and white chippy goodness doubled.



This great architectural plaque is finding its way to my Etsy shop this evening. You can click right on the picture if you want this to come live at your house.


I’ve enjoyed joining in on some of the various linky parties that are out there so much, that I’m toying with the idea of one of my own. Maybe Friday’s Finds~or something a little more unique. I’ll have to get my creative juices flowing and I’ll keep y’all posted.


  1. I was trying to think of something clever for your Friday Finds, but I didn't come up with anything better than that! Shannon does start with S like Saturday, and stuff, so the best I could do was Saturday's Stuff with Shannon. Yeah, I won't quit my day job!


  2. Shannon's Supertastic Saturdays?? Ok, I am with Bliss, I should keep my day job.

    Great finds Shannon :)


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