She’s Gonna Blow!

Connor received a volcano kit last November for his birthday and I’ve been terrible about getting it out for him to experiment with. We had a couple of beautiful days here, so his big brother Blake, having experience with the volcano thing, volunteered to help him set it up and erupt it.

First, they had to mix up Plaster of Paris and pour it into the volcano mold. Without properly thinking, I gave them permission to use a mixing bowl. They chose my pancake bowl!


Not to fear, we got it clean.




They only managed to plaster some of the gravel.

After the mold was dry, they mixed up the lava.


Only it kind of fizzled out.


So, I did what any good homeschooling mama would do. I said, “I have something better!”


Baking soda and vinegar. We all know what those two do when they get together!



The boys added red food coloring to make it more “authentic” looking. I think it looks like it’s foaming blood; but whatever makes them happy.

And thar’ she blows.


They repeated it until they ran out of baking soda in the box I gave them.


This definitely made for two good afternoons of fun!

Thanks, Grandma!

Also, please check out this fun slideshow put together by Karen from A Collective Journal featuring Industrial Vintage Etsy items. My little rusty pair of wheels are included in it! How cool is that?

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  1. If I would of been a volcano virgin, the first picture almost looks like some exotic edible.


  2. That looks like so much fun! My own little guy absolutely loves experiments and would have had a "blast" with this one. LOL! I wanted to let you know that we are going to be featuring your darling tin pails at our Inspiration Friday party this week so be sure to stop by! :-)

  3. Oh that is too funny. Your right, did does look like blood. The things I did for my son when he was that age. Enjoy!!

    blessings, jilly
    visiting from etsy SCT


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