Thriftin’ Finds and Some Special News

Yesterday found me hitting Trade Days and some other great treasure finding places with my newest friend and partner in crime, Anne. I have a feeling the two of us could get into some serious trouble together! If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Anne yet, hop on over to her beautiful blog and see what she’s been up to at Fiona and Twig. We hit it off wonderfully, and I’m pretty sure there will be more junking escapades in the future….

I snagged up a couple of great deals at Trade Days.

My favorite, an old wood ammo box. If you hold it up to the light just right, you can read the words US Government Explosives and some other writing that has to do with ammunition. I just thought the box was cute. I can not count how many comments it generated as I carried it around with me.


The nice gal that sold it to me through in the flowers.

I couldn’t pass up the rusty coil and old temperature gauge. Who knows when a girl will find herself in a situation that warrants either one.


A few more shots of the awesome box.



This roaster stand was something Anne pointed out to me. It’s in great condition, has all its casters on the bottom, the timer & clock work, has instructions still attached and has the Westinghouse plaque that will fit inside the clock insert. Wow! After I purchased it, Anne told me that if I had passed it up, she would have lost all respect for me as a junker. Couldn’t have that happen!




On to our favorite antique store where I picked up a couple of small items, a music book to use on altered art projects and a cow bell for my son’s bedroom.


The last purchase was a splurge on myself. This unique locker tag bracelet with buttons. Adorable!



Now for my special news to share.

I’ve been asked to co-chair the creative design committee for a fundraising bazaar/garage sale to benefit a local medical missions team, Mision de Candelilla. The organization holds three fundraisers a year to help finance their trips to Mexico, and the first one is the spring garage sale. This year they have a different vision for the sale-a Spring Fling Bazaar. The creative design people have been asked to take what donations we can, and…..wait, get this…..upcycle them!!! Embellish them! Redo them!!! This is so right up my alley. I get to use the abilities God gave me to turn trash into treasure, that will, in turn, benefit someone who desperately needs it, and that will, in turn, glorify that very same God! Awesome, isn’t it???

I picked up some donated items and craft supplies this afternoon, and have already started on my first project.  I'll post updates as I complete the projects and if you’re in my area on March 31st-be sure to mosey on over to our Spring Fling and say “hi”.


  1. You fond some great deals. Can't wait to see what you come up with, on your upcycle items.

  2. Nice finds Shannon. What a fantastic opportunity to use your God given talent. Can't wait to see what you're working on.

  3. Great finds, Shannon! My favorite is the wonderful old ammo box! And how fun you could meet Anne and have a fun day together! Its so great meeting other bloggers! Your upcoming project sounds wonderful!

  4. We had a GREAT day, didn't we? I'm excited for our next adventure, and you made some really smart purchases at Trade Days. Your junker cred is intact, my friend!

    You will totally rock this new project, I know it! :-)


  5. What great finds! And so cool about the design committee for the fundraiser. That would be a fun volunteer opportunity!

  6. Hi Shannon - I just wanted to pop in again to let you know I passed on a Liebster blog award to you. I have enjoyed your blog so much! Stop by to check it out: lifeat2810@blogspot.com.

  7. New follower here. Found you when we both were named for the Liebster award so just thought I would stop by and say hi. Love your blog name, so what can I say, I gotta be a follower!


  8. Hello! I have shared a blogger award with you this evening~ visit here for more details... www.swededreamer.blogspot.com ~hope this brings many new friends your way!

  9. Hi Shannon. Thanks for visiting. Loved the name of your blog so had to come check things out. Love your style. I've been fascinated with rusty coils and springs lately so this post jumped out at me!


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