Science and Nature-Ewww!

My first homeschooling post of the new year is about owl pellets.

First, let me clear something up. Owl pellets are not owl poop. Some people have the misconception that they are. They most definitely are not. Haven’t you seen Guardians of Ga’Hoole?

Pellets are actually the regurgitated parts of the small animals the owls feast upon, that they cannot digest: bones, teeth, fur, etc. They hack them back up in a wonderful little wad that looks like this.


Gross, I know. But when you’re a homeschooling mom and have boys who are studying God’s living creatures, there are some things you just have to put up with.

This was actually Connor’s project, as Blake had already gone through this study a couple of years ago. Connor was kind enough to share his pellets with his brother so he could relive the experience.

Note the fancy gloves. This was a mom’s sanitation precaution.




Some poor little critter’s skull. We think it was a vole.



And all the other little pieces that were discovered.


Disclaimer: I did not go scrounging around for owl pellets in the backyard. I bought these from an online science supply place, and the box said they had been sterilized.

Whatever that means.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Shannon. Your boy looks really into this project, I love it. Please add my link or button to your post. Thank you.


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