Homeschooling Myths

I came across this video and because it made me laugh, I thought I’d share it. Those who are homeschoolers will probably (I hope) appreciate it. If you’re not a homeschooler, please don’t be offended. These are actual questions and statements I’ve dealt with. I’m aware every homeschool situation is unique and special. There are also homeschoolers who are not Christian and am in no way making fun of anyone~it just brought a chuckle to me this morning.


Seven Lies About Homeschoolers

And no, we don’t do school in our pajamas!


  1. My 2 sons got a big kick out of this video - thanks for sharing!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  2. Loved this video. Very funny! I didn't home school. ( My girls are smarter them me.) But I believe it is a lot better then public schools. We are military family. We put our girls in public schools one year instead of the military schools. They begged us to put them back into military schools. I am not kidding. They hated it.Not to blast public schools . It just wasn't a good fit for my girls.

  3. Thanks for the giggles. As a homeschooling family, we have heard them all too. I do have to say though that my daughter does love to do school in her pj's :)


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