Petco Field Trip

We braved the driving rain and 60 mph wind here in California yesterday to join our homeschool group on a field trip to the local Petco. Our tour lasted about an hour and we were introduced to some very interesting creatures.

First off we visited the aquatic department. Our guide told the group a little about the fish they have on display and then allowed the kids to pet a water turtle. Most were ready to get a feel for it, but as you can see if Lulu's picture, she was not too keen on it. (I've tried to crop out the faces of other students to protect privacy).

Next we were introduced to a small tortoise. When our tour guide asked for the difference between a turtle and a tortoise, Conman was the first to raise his hand!

We headed down the reptile aisle which most of the boys were excited about. The girls, not so much.

Here is a Water Dragon. We were also told he's called a Jesus Lizard because he can run so fast using his back two legs that he appears to be running on top of the water.

This cute guy is a baby corn snake. Conman was fascinated by the way he could twist around so quickly.

Here is a New Caledonian Crested Gecko. He appeared to be smiling at us.

One of the most fascinating animals was the Chinchilla. It looked like a cross between a squirrel, rabbit and mouse. It's not the best photo, but he was a squirmy guy, so the helper had to hold him tight.

And, lastly, here is Blakester playing with one of the kitties for adoption.

We have a great group of homeschool kids and it made for an enjoyable way to spend the morning inside and learn a few new things.

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