Cheap Finds of the Week

Today Grandma and I packed up some sandwiches and snacks, loaded the kids in the van and purposely drove to some neighboring towns to visit their thrift stores. It was nice to get out of the house, and the weather was decent so we made a day of it.

The kids don't mind shopping through the thrift stores. They grab a book off the shelf and sit in a corner to read. They usually make a pile of things they're interested in and then I get final say as to whether or not it goes home with us.

Today we found:

A huge stack of books! I won't bore you to tears with the complete list. But some of the highlights were:

Now, this whole stack of books, including the one in the following picture only cost me $24.56. The book in the picture is Munschworks by Robert N. Munsch. If you're familiar with Love You Forever, which is a favorite around here, then you know what a wonderful storyteller he is. Apparently this is the 2nd of 4 books of his collections. Anyway, this book has a retail price on the jacket of $29.95, and sells on Amazon for $16.47. I wouldn't have paid either price for it because, well because, I'm cheap. My husband doesn't call me Mrs. McFrugal for nothing! But when I found it for $2.99 I snatched it up.

I had never seen this magazine before and since I won't pay full price for a magazine that's going to just get tossed or used as fire starter, these were definitely in the budget. They are Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion. At 29 cents each I thought they'd make for good light reading.

Lulu found a puzzle for 59 cents to keep her entertained.

The best thing, in my opinion, that we found, was this game, Gone Birding, for $3.99. I'm sure you know how expensive games are, so I only buy them second hand. Even at $3.99 it was a stretch for me because I'm used to finding them for under $1.00; however, this seemed like a good addition to our nature study. It's a video bird identification game. In summary, the players map out their travel routes on the game board, then watch a video "trip" and try to identify as many birds as they can when the trip is over. There are cards to be played and points to be tallied according to how many birds you identify correctly. It seemed like a unique and fun way to expand our bird study.

The kids were really excited about the next find. It's a large backpack chuck full of playdough tools. Conman was quick to combine these with the ones we already had and start sculpting. This was $4.99, but it was 50% day at that store, so we took it home for $2.50!

We made a stop at the dollar store and picked up a Spiderman puzzle for Conman. It's waiting on the kitchen table for him to work on when he gets up in the morning. I also found some cute rub-on stickers to add to my scrapbooking stash.

Those were our fun finds this week, now we just need to get to reading! Leave a comment and share some of the great buys you came across in the week.

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