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We started a unit on the Food Pyramid and healthy eating last week. It's a downloadable e-book simply called Nutrition and New Food Pyramid Study. I purchased it through The Old Schoolhouse Store. It has some writing activities, comprehension questions and vocabulary for each section. I'm supplementing with some additional activities I found at enchantedlearning.com. It seems to be a fairly simple, straightforward unit study that is good for all ages. I did take the libery of teaching them the old food pyramid that I grew up with, instead of the new one. I think it's easier to understand.

Today the kids created a large food pyramid. Lulu (the artistic one) drew the pyramid on poster boards and labeled it. Then the kids, assisted by my niece who was home sick from public school with me today, cut out food from magazines and placed them in the correct areas. A very easy, but effective way to make sure they know the groups.

Blakester and Conman each took a turn playing a Lewis & Clark Adventure game at usmint.gov.

Conman also added a thousand grains of rice to our count at freerice.com. This is a very neat website that donates 10 grains of rice for each question you answer correctly. You can choose from art, math, english, geography, chemistry and language learning and set the level to where you want to start. A good way for the kids to brush up on old skills or practice new ones. Today Conman did math and had me help him up to level 10. When I missed an answer, he said, "Your brain is too old for this!" I think he may have been right on that one.

At dinner tonight we turned off the lights in the kitchen and opened the blinds to watch an amazing thunder and lightning show put on for us by God. This led to an interesting discussion about weather. The kids were still learning at the end of the day.

Lastly, I just wanted to post this picture of our fluffy one. We went out to get wood from the garage and he was sitting on the wood piled in the wheelbarrow, kind of like king of the mountain.

Till tomorrow-

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