Cheap Finds of the Week

Today on our weekly library trip, I just had to stop back in at the Friends of the Library bookstore. I didn't find anything new and exciting on the shelves, but tucked back in a corner I did find 4 boxes of books waiting to be unpacked! For me that is like discovering a hidden treasure!

I dug through the boxes and came up with some great finds! My total cost today was only $3.25. Just for fun I added up the retail prices on the back of the books and came up with $88.33! And that would have been before tax!

Here's my list of goodies for the kids:

And for me:

My next stop today was a thrift store with my mother-in-law. Here I found a few items:

The books were a total of $1.86. Again, I added up the retail prices on them-$43.30. The Pit game was $1.00. It's an older version, but if you've ever played it, you know how much fun it is!

So my cheap finds for the week added up to $6.11. Full retail price would have been $131.63 not including the game. Not bad for a little digging!

Why so many books, you might ask? I have a life-long love of books and reading. Curling up with a good book is what I would rather do than anything else. My husband and I wanted to build up a home library that our children would be able to use regularly. So when I find something good, I just can't resist! We still use the local library for some reference or short readers, but want to be able to go to our own shelves for first choice.

By the way, I've finished "Before Green Gables" and have started on "Anne of Green Gables". More on that tomorrow...

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  1. I wish CA wasn't so far away, I'd love to visit your thrift and book stores. I haven't found books that cheap in a LONG, long time. :)


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