Meet My Students...a.k.a. My Kids!

Blakester (Blake) is my 9 yr old. He is a fairly calm & serious middle child. But if you get him going, watch out! He's definitely all boy & has a mischievous side to him.

Blakester is a hard worker. He likes to help his dad in the shop & with bringing in the firewood. He likes to work his way through his schoolwork without a lot of fuss and just get it done so he can move onto something else.

Blakester is a natural learner. Whatever he tries, he picks up on effortlessly. When he learned to ride a 2 wheeler, we took the training wheels off and away he went. I had never seen a kid do that before!

He's into Legos, Pokemon & Star Wars. He likes western stuff & military stuff, and watching shows on TV-Animal Planet, Discovery, History Channel. He's the one that comes up with off the wall facts. Just last night on the way to church he informed us that kangaroos can jump 30 feet. He said he read it in his science book. No, we were not discussing kangaroos at that moment.

He also is an avid reader & likes to draw. He just finished a book called "Blue Ninja" and is also working on "Jed Smith, Trailblazer". Most of his drawings are of made up Pokemon creatures or army battle scenes. Here are a couple of his drawings that I found that are actually of neither of those things:

Conman (Connor) is our youngest. He is also our busiest. Very full of energy. We joke that he goes to sleep talking & wakes up talking. Actually, it's not really a joke, it is true! He is what speaker/author Carol Barnier calls a "Sizzler".

Conman is always on the move. He puts his whole being into everything he does and his smile lights up a room. He is the child that stands on his head while reciting spelling words. He says it helps him think better. His little hands have to be busy during school time, but even though he's playing or creating, I know he's listening, because he can answer any question I throw at him. He has a great memory, and usually is the first one to memorize our verse & the books of the Bible each week.

There are some days when something that just worked with him, no longer works. I refer to him as my "consistently inconsistent child". Workboxes do work well for his schoolwork because he can see what has to be completed and in what order.

Like his brother, he is into Legos. He also likes Playmobiles & Super Hero Squad guys.

He picked up on reading quickly, but prefers to be read to. He is currently working on an "Indiana Jones" chapter book, a little at a time. He likes to draw & do projects. His drawings usually consist of super heroes. He uses his imagination well, and we're never sure what he's going to come up with next. One day he made a complete storefront out of a cardboard box & was "selling" his toys. The picture below was taken a couple of days ago when he created a Mars Mission (Lego) costume out of all of my tin foil:

Oops-when I posted this pic, I thought it was a picture of the whole outfit. This is just the helmet & shoes. He also made gloves, a shirt & pants; therefore, successfully using all my tinfoil!

So there you have it, my kiddos.

Well, we are back to our school tomorrow after being on break for way too long. I have my papers copied, my white board filled out & my workboxes filled. So now, we are off to an evening of church & some rest!

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