My Itty Bitty (Fake) Christmas Tree

Ok-it’s not really itty bitty. But it is fake artificial.

Not feeling like digging out all of the ornaments, nor spending an insane amount of  money on a tree, I decided to use the one I purchased at a thrift store (for $2 because it was missing its stand!) for my sale, as our Christmas tree this year.

It’s only a couple of feet high, but once decorated, I think it works well.


Because it lacked a stand, I had to figure out what to put it in to keep it upright. A thrifted little bucket and some rocks from the yard worked great. I wrapped a piece of red ticking fabric around it for a skirt.


Instead of using our traditional decorations, I opted to keep the icicles on it that I used during my sale. I added a few rusty star nails and tucked some vintage gold and silver balls among the branches.






My garland is lace and ribbon that I had on hand.

The tree topper is a silver tin star-another thrift store find.


Very simple, rustic, yet sweet.

And, a little tacky, I guess. I left the price tags on all the tree decor from my sale.

Just in case.


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  1. I think you little tree is adorable Shannon. Love the idea of the bucket. I'm using a smaller tree this year, and I'm loving it.


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