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While the kids and I have been on our Christmas break, we’ve ventured out to some new spots and shops outside of our little town. I thought I’d share some of the fun photos we’ve snapped along the way. I’ve tried to credit the shops I spotted these pieces in, but I neglected to get biz cards from all of them. One of the hazards of browsing with children.

Loved these burlap lined baskets. I think I found these at Ross or TJ Maxx in Austin, but even there, the price tag was wayyyy out of my range.


I’m going to make one of these for my son’s room. A log & barb wire candleholder. This one was at a thrift resale store in Llano.


A lovely piece at The Market in Llano. They were having a Christmas Open House the day we visited. The ladies were so pleasant and the shop was filled with goodies!


This is a huge hornet’s nest! Spotted in an antique store in Johnson City.


Something my son had to take a picture of. Not my taste at all!


These green blooms were very striking. Found at GG Ganache in Marble Falls.


Feather tree!! Coveted by my daughter.


Cute little music sheets cones from Summer house Antiques in Marble Falls.


I neglected to get a card from the shop that the following photos are from. And I should have. They had wonderful displays. These decorations were hung as you entered the store. Very pretty.


Rusty chair-right up my alley.


The  main street of Marble Falls showcases some interesting sculptures for sale. My favorite was this one entitled Haywire. For a mere $2,500 it could be yours.


The kiddos also had a favorite one

. Let me introduce you-Laina is my daughter and the oldest. The guy with the glasses is Connor, my youngest. Blake is the middle child.


I have some more fun things to share with you in the next few days.

I’m also still tweaking this blog to get it just right, so you may see some rearranging going on. I’m planning on merging my homeschooling blog with this one. I thought I would keep them separate, but it’s just not possible. My kids, homeschooling, family, junking, my home-it all goes together. That is my life and it’ll be much more enjoyable to share it all with you.


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  1. I had an old hornet's nest like that one, but I sold it last month!

    You ventured to some great spots!

    Angie @ Knick of Time


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