Weekly Wrap Up #8

I spent yesterday afternoon with a few friends enjoying a wonderful outdoor concert by Britt Nicole and Natalie Grant. The weather was warm, but not intolerable. Afterwards, we had a leisurely dinner where we chatted and just played catch-up. A nice way to wind down the week for me.

The kids got to spend some time last night with their dad at a friends house, making smore's and hanging out. I met up with them when we returned from my big girl's night out.

School wise, Blakester did complete both his nature reader and Apologia science this week. He wanted to know if he had to start right away on his next science. I told him no, but there is supplemental reading he'll be doing over the summer for science.

The white board was what worked best for Conman this week for his math problems. He didn't want to complete the worksheets, but once I wrote the same, exact problems on the white board, he whizzed through them. Go figure.

I'm jumping in and cleaning the boy's room thoroughly today. We finished Lulu's yesterday. Only 3 more months til the move!

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