Creation and Earth History Museum Field Trip

I'll warn you ahead of time-this post has a lot of pictures!

We are currently visiting family in Southern California and took a "field trip" to the Creation and Earth History Museum in Santee, which is about twenty minutes from San Diego. According to the brochure, the museum was opened in 1970 by the Institute for Creation Research. The Institute has recently relocated and is now operated by the Life and Light Foundation. Their website is currently under construction, so you won't find much info on the musuem located there just yet. We spent about an hour and a half in the museum and admission was FREE! There is also a bookstore/gift shop inside the museum.

The exhibit start with day 1 of creation and continues through the fall of man, the flood, the Ice Age, the building of the Tower of Babel, history of Israel and other ancient civilizations, the reformation, and current scientific research done by creation scientists. Other subjects include fossils, dinosaurs, volcanoes, origin of linguistics, earth dating methods, and the creation vs. evolution debate.

We began with a photo of the kids taken
by a huge fossil.

Next, we walked through the days of creation. Each day was illustrated with large photos, wall murals, scripture verses and detailed biblical history plaques. These show a definition of what science is-I love it-and an explanation of how significant the 7 days are to every culture.

Here is a large display of creatures. There are preserved butterflies and bugs. Some of them are extremely beautiful making one wonder how they could not have been lovingly created. Others are just plain scary!

This one explains its display well.

The room about Noah's ark was phenomenal. Descriptions and measurements of the ark gave examples of just how large this ship was, how many animals and supplies it could hold, how it could float, be waterproof, etc. There were also several accounts of photos taken from aircrafts of what is believed to be the ark, sketches based on eye-witness accounts of Mt. Ararat, and this scale model comparing the ark to a modern day car.

The variety of fossils was amazing. Here is Blakester near a dinosaur footprint.
The three of them in front of a volcano simulation.

The guys on the trip were able to help a museum volunteer put the case back around the Tower of Babel.

Here is Conman walking like an Egyptian by of a replica of the Rosetta Stone.

A couple of my favorite artifacts: A shekel from Jeruselum and burned wheat from the city of Jericho.

This is an Egyptian cuneforms. It is much smaller than I had imagined.

In the end, this is what's it's really all about.

When I asked the kids what their favorite part of the museum was, Conman answered, "The mutation room." Hah!

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  1. LOVED reading about this field trip! The Institute of Creation Research is such a wonderful resource. When we first began homeschooling, nearly 12 years ago, my husband and I attended a conference that the ICR was conducting. It was fascinating! All about how the world around us (God's Creation) points to a Creator. I dug out my folder the other day so I could read through it again, it's perfect for our nature studies. Blessings!:)

  2. Great field trip! Enjoyed the pictures. A little far for us to travel to so thanks for sharing this one with us.

  3. Tonya-Glad you enjoyed the post! I enjoy participating in your meme.

    Diane-My pleasure!


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