Cheap Finds

Although I have snapped some pictures of my "cheap finds", I haven't shared them on here lately. So, just a quick post to update on some of my exciting discoveries.

I found these items a few weeks ago at a thrift store during a 50% off sale.

This is a Jim Weiss cassette recording of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It was only .30 cents! We listened to it on our way to a field trip and it was very entertaining.

I picked up this Norman Rockwell calendar for .40 cents. I'll use it for our next artist/picture study.

I found this Abeka reader for Conman, who enjoys reading the short stories. It was .30 cents.

At the Friends of the Library bookstore I had two great finds. The first is a biography of Hans Christian Anderson by Opal Wheeler. The second is The Trellis and the Seed. I had been looking for this book as it is a suggested resource in our 106 Days of Creation science study. Our library did not have it to check out and I didn't want to order it from Amazon. So, imagine my delight when I walked into the bookstore and there it was! It's a very touching book. Both of these were only .15 cents each!

That's it for today. Now I have to go rest up for my Natalie Grant concert!

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  1. the trellis and the seed is one of our favorite books! love it!


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