The Simple Womans Daybook

FOR TODAY... May 17, 2010

Outside my window...Dusk, some rain. Slight wind.

I am thinking...that I shouldn't have eaten so much at dinner. But is was very yummy.

I am thankful....that I know it could always be worse.

I am wearing...jeans, t-shirt, slippers and socks.

I am remembering....funny moments that happened when I was younger and sharing them with my family.

I am going....to get up in the morning and take a walk again. It felt really good this morning.

Some plans for the rest of the week...Lulu's quilting class tomorrow night. Babysitting my niece on Wednesday. Helping out my mom on Thursday. A concert at church on Saturday. Planning & cleaning in between.

I am currently reading... Laying Down the Rails by Sonya Shafer, The Bible, The Original Homeschooling Series, Boneman's Daughters by Ted Dekker.

I am hoping...that my new Simply Charlotte Mason DVD seminar comes in the mail soon.

On my mind...a very nice postal counter worker was in tears today because her brother is very ill and she wasn't able to get off to go see him. It broke my heart.

From the learning room....we'll start reading about the Transcontinental Railroad tomorrow. Conman is going to skip ahead on this week's math lesson. It's about telling time, and he's ok with that already. Lulu only has 3 weeks of pre-algebra left. This school year is flying by.

Noticing that...I prefer it when things are quieter around the house.

Pondering these words...I don't have anything good to ponder this week....

I am creating...still nothing. All my focus is on the house and the school planning.

I am hearing...the printer spitting out notebook pages from Knowledge Box Central for Lulu's science next year. NCIS on tv.

From the kitchen...taco soup, with chips & cheese.

Around the house...catching up on laundry and ironing today. Noticed the bathroom sink is leaking.

One of my favorite things...coffee with friends.

From my picture journal...this is kind of a bizarre photo. Last year I had the distinct honor of being invited to the elite Club 33 in Disneyland. This did not happen on my own accord. I was lucky enough to be invited by a friend who needed someone to go with him and some clients for the day, and since his wife was unable to, it was suggested I go due to my extreme Disneyland addiction. So I went. And this was the toilet in the women's restroom. Enough said.

Til tomorrow~

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