Just a Few Small Changes

I've been reevaluating a few things lately and have made a few small changes to my blog. Nothing that will affect anyone adversely, but I thought I'd share.

In the spirit of simplifying, I've decided to no longer post book reviews for Booksneeze. I've found I prefer posting a review on something I feel is helpful to the homeschool community or a book that I really enjoyed and feel I must share it. I don't want it to be an obligation, a have to.

I rearranged a few of the buttons on my right sidebar. You'll notice that the Top Mommy Blogs button is now positioned closer to the top of the page. This is so all you wonderful readers out there will remember to vote for me when you visit my blog!

I've removed the Amazon banner ad in my header. I felt it was a distraction. I also expanded my Amazon a-store widget in my right sidebar to show more of the books I recommend.

I've removed the Google adsense banner that ran across the top of my header. Some of the things it was advertising just didn't make sense for my blog.

I also removed some of the other ad buttons that were cluttering up my sidebar. It feels so refreshing to declutter!

Hopefully this will make my blog easier to read with less distractions!


  1. I love the new countdown until "The Big Moving Day" :]

  2. Thanks Miss Jenny! Do you have your bags packed yet??


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