My New Schoolroom

It took me all of yesterday, but I took my new schoolroom/office/scrapbook/game/craft room from this:

100_2325 100_2326

To this:

100_2327 100_2328


Things are not organized exactly how I would like them; however, I did manage to get everything out of the boxes and put on a shelf or in a cupboard before our first day of school today!

I do need to invest in another bookshelf to store the kid’s current school books, which are now being housed in the three red crates. I also want to put all the craft and coloring supplies out on a shelf where they will see them and have ease of access. Right now the supplies are under the cabinets, where they will probably be forgotten. Once those couple of things have been rearranged, I’ll have room to put my scrapbooking supplies in a cupboard, since they don’t need to be out continually.

The one corner of the room that I did not take a picture of contains a table with our computer and office supplies. This is also temporary until we find a desk, or at some point my husband will redo this room to include all built-ins, which should give us better storage/working options.

Now it’s off to some errands. School is done. It was a fairly easy first day!

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  1. It looks awesome! That was a lot of organizing but it looks great and I like all that space and shelves for organizing.

  2. This part of homeschooling was always SO MUCH FUN!! I loved all the organization and new notebooks and new textbooks and the shelves and shelves of historical fiction and biography and science and geography...

  3. Love your new room! This is one of my favorite things to do...update the school room!


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