How I Incorporate the “Extras” Part II: Shakespeare

We’ve never attempted to study Shakespeare before this year; however, it seemed pretty easy to tackle by following SCM’s recommendations. Sonya suggests a play every other year. I’m going to try and tackle a play each year. We’ll see how it goes!

I have scheduled our Shakespeare reading for Tuesdays. I’ve broken our study up by six week terms. The first term we’re reading a condensed story version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream from Charles and Mary Lamb’s Tales From Shakespeare. We read half of it last week and we will finish it next week. Because it’s relatively short, I don’t mind drawing it out over a couple of weeks. The kids are actually enjoying this story. Probably because it contains fairies and such. After reading, I just have them narrate back to me. Dover publications has some great coloring books, so I may get one for the kids to color. Even Laina enjoys these because of their details.

For the next six weeks I plan on reading the full version from a Complete Works of Shakespeare book I have.

After that I would like to obtain an audio version and either a play on video or a movie based on the play for them to watch.

And that’s it! An easy introduction to Shakespeare.

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  1. What fun! My daughter and I used to walk down the road and sit up high on a bank above the road among the birch trees - and read Shakespeare to one another. I miss those days!


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