Hysterically Funny!

I just have to share this link to Carol Barnier’s post on her Sizzlebop blog. These are some entries in her “I’d Never Thought I’d Say That” contest. If you want a good laugh, hop on over and read this post!

If you are not familiar with Carol, just let me say, you should be! She is the hilarious author of How To Get Your Child Off The Refrigerator and On To Learning and If I’m Diapering a Watermelon, Then Where’d I Leave the Baby?

I noticed she has some new books out that I haven’t read yet, but will definitely be ordering. Her refrigerator book was the first one I read about homeschooling a “spirited” child when it was time to start schooling Connor. So, if you have a “sizzler,” as she likes to call these energetic kiddos, I would recommend perusing her website.


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