Wednesday Nature Study

Our nature study took a little different turn today.

A few days ago, I was pulling weeds and came across some new "sprouts" in the flower bed. When I yanked them up there were large seeds attached. I'm not sure which plant or tree they came from. Even an online search did not net a lot of information.

I brought the seeds inside to dry out, with the idea that the kids could dissect them. I printed off a diagram from Enchanted Learning that showed the main parts of a seed and had the kids identify the parts they could and then sketch a picture and label it. They did really well considering we were improvising with our supplies!

Here's what the seed looked like once the seed coat was taken off. If anyone knows what this is, please let me know!

Here they are working away diligently at their drawings.

Here is Conman's version of the seed. He didn't bother to label it. I think he was more concerned with getting back to his Lego army.

Lulu did a great job on the detail of hers.

And finally, Blakester's.

It was fun to do something different that felt more like natural, rather than contrived, learning.

The kids did decide to create their own field guide of birds we've spotted. Lulu found photos on the internet and printed them off. Next, we need to glue them to index cards and write out the distinguishing features of each bird. She even went a step further and printed pictures of their nests and eggs to include on our guide. I'll post pictures when they complete it.

Till tomorrow~

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