Cheap Finds of the Week

I'm finding it is difficult to blog every night as I had originally intended to do. Life tends to take precedence over the computer, and it definitely did this last week.

Thursday I was able to take some time, without the kiddos, and complete some errands I was needing to do. I needed some new tennies for my exercising. My old ones were hurting my feet. I also wanted to drive up to a homeschool supply store that is about forty minutes from my home and see about trading/selling some of the curriculum I've been clearing out. I was able to accomplish those things and make a couple more fun stops on the way.

I have shopped at Eagle's Nest at the local homeschool convention, but had not been to her store. I was excited to find she carries the science, copywork and English products we use. So I will definitely be purchasing from her in the future! I only brought home a couple of items for now.

  • One was the Landmark Book John James Audubon. Next week I'll be adding picture study to our day and we had decided to start with his prints. They will tie in nicely with our nature study. We'll start reading this to go along with it, also. It was $3.00.
  • I also picked up Wisdom and The Millers by Mildred A. Martin. We'll be using this in our character trait study in the future.

I stopped at a couple thrift stores and found a few more books I thought the kids would like.

I thought the boys would enjoy this game. It was only 99 cents. The players use cards to determine what they are to build. Then they spin to find out what piece they can use next. The fun part is they get to nail the pieces to a board to complete their picture. The game came complete with a little wooden hammer, nails, pattern blocks, cards, and the wooden boards to nail to.

The last stop I made was at a teacher supply store. They had a large 50% off section I browsed through. I found a pack of construction paper crayons. They are brighter colors that show up better on construction paper and paper bags. Blakester tried them out and they really do work.

We already have the living math book Sir Cumference and the First Round Table. I found three other ones in that series that were 50% off:

That was it for this week.

It was great to find a homeschool resource close by and I will definitely be shopping at and supporting her store in the future.

Next week, weather permitting, we plan on hitting the flea market for some fun!

Till tomorrow-hopefully~

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