The Simple Womans Daybook

FOR TODAY... February 15, 2010

Outside my window...fog-although not extremely bad. It will clear up.

I am thinking...I need to visit a chiropractor.

I am thankful for... a God who loves me.

I am wearing... a black t-shirt w/stars on it, jeans and my new tennies!

I am remembering...past trips to Disneyland .

I am going... to coffee with friends this morning and then exercise. Tonight a 4H meeting with Lulu.

Some plans for the rest of the week...flea market tomorrow, taking Lulu to a youth day at church on Wednesday, babysitting my niece Thursday & Friday. And clean, clean, clean. This is why we're having a relaxed school schedule this week.

I am currently reading... Obsessed by Ted Dekker, The Bible, A Charlotte Mason Companion, The Original Homeschooling Series.

I am hoping... that I've lost some weight when I weigh in today.

On my mind...the health of my mom's husband.

From the learning room....a relaxed schedule this week due to other plans.

Noticing that... Conman is a bit more active this morning than usual. And that's saying alot!

Pondering these words... sacrifice.

I am creating...a new homeschool/household planner notebook.

I am hearing...Conman pouring cereal into a bowl and chatting to himself.

From the kitchen... leftovers from the fridge-lasagna and chicken noodle soup.

Around the house... things are looking better.

One of my favorite things...my cats.

From my picture journal...a picture of a fort that Conman created a couple weeks ago. It included a play area & a school area. The sign read something like "Kids only, no adults. Cats allowed".

Enjoy your day~

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  1. Hey just stopping by from Simple Woman.

    I love love love Ted Dekker!! Have you read the Circle Trilogy from him yet? Those are my favorite books by him but they are all good!

    Thanks for sharing a little part of your day! I enjoyed my stop over here! :D

    -Jami @Intentionally Living...


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