My First Trip to Round Top….

….was last fall. Still being fairly new to Texas, and knowing that husband and I needed a getaway, I suggested we try out this “flea market thingy” called Round Top. Little did I know this would be something I would desperately want to go back to.

We were lucky enough to get away for four full days and happily spent our time tromping through the rain, mud and humidity to pick out some treasures. We covered as much ground as we could, and still did not come close to seeing everything.

Since the shows are now in full swing, I thought I’d share a few of the pics I snapped from our trip.

My favorite~


Need a hand? How about an arm?


This guy was keeping an eye on his booth.


Loved these crosses. Wonder if I could get my husband to make me one?


This guy had been in the heat way too long.


Yep, this is a creepy baby chandelier.


Wanna see a close up?


Alas, I probably won’t make it back this time around. But there’s always the next one.

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  1. So glad you're linking to our party! The plaster "man" in the black seat...I almost bought this huge concrete cow from her at this show. it was gorgeous but too expensive, too heavy...and what in the world would I do with a fool thing like that!?!...See you over at the party.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pics and creations! Wish I could shop there.
    ~ Julie

  3. That baby thing is very creepy. Looks like a fun market though.

  4. Oh my gosh -- that is hilarious! AND exactly the kind of place I'd love to hang out for the day. Probably wouldn't actually BUY anything but would sure have fun browsing!!

  5. Some interesting finds.Really makes you think outside of the box.Fun inspiration.

  6. The chandelier looks like it came from a horror movie set! Visiting from Knick of Time.

  7. I'm in love with the creepy chandelier. I would love to go there one day, but it's a pretty far drive from Ohio. Stopping by from Faded Charm.


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