I Licked the Cat

I'll explain my title in a moment.

I've decided that trying to read blogs and work on the computer while my kiddos are flitting around is akin to taking all of them to the grocery store at one time-I usually come home not knowing what I bought.

I think that's why I'd like a laptop. Maybe I could hide in the bathroom to blog. It might allow me a few moments of peace. But then again, maybe not.

Ok-on to my explanation.

I shared this with my friends on Facebook, so I thought I'd share it with my blogging friends, also.

Conman, who is my "sizzler", really keeps me on my toes. Yesterday, he came into the kitchen saying, "Yuk." He also had his tongue sticking out. So, being the concerned mom that I am, I asked him, "What's the matter?" His reply was, "Mom, you know how the cat likes to lick my hair? Well, I tried licking hers."

Oh my. I don't think that's very sanitary.


  1. Cat hair in your mouth is pretty gross! LOL!! It's Shawna from Teen Lit Review, and you won the book Chop, Chop. I emailed you as well. Congrats!

  2. I love it. I wonder, however, how the cat felt about it!

    The laptop helps a lot -- when I started blogging on my desktop, I found myself either constantly interrupted running back & forth between it and my kids' room or I would be up WAY too late with cramps in my legs as I tried to do everything after their bedtimes. Now I can balance the two mch better. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by for UBP!


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