I Like Naps....

I like naps. I confess. And I don't mean the 15-20 minute catnap type, either. I like the long, lazy, afternoon snoozes, the ones that could last for 2 hours if I want them to. The ones that I don't really want to wake up from, just yet. The ones that leave me feeling a little groggy, but completely refreshed when I finally come around. Yep, I like naps.

Unfortunately, my kids do not have the same affinity for them as I do. Conman has decided he likes to take one after swimming, because it makes him feel better. Yesterday I tried to coerce him into taking one before we went swimming, since we weren't going until late in the day, and we had already been to the park.

This is how it went:

I told him he could sleep in his underwear so he wouldn't get too hot. He thought that was a good idea. Then I told him I would lie down with him. Just my sneaky way of getting my nap in! He was okay with that until we actually got settled in. Then he remembered he hadn't swam yet. And he doesn't take naps until after swimming.

So I quietly laid there. He said he had too much energy and couldn't sleep.

I quietly laid there.

Then we heard Blakester and Lulu laughing in the other room.

I heard Conman say to himself, "Someone should stay up with them."

"Someone young."

"Someone brave."

"Someone curious."

"Someone in their underwear!"

In an effort to preserve my nap, I let him up.


  1. That is too precious. So worthy of posting. Thank you for sharing. I took a two-and-a-half hour nap today myself. I love summer. Smiles, m

  2. His comments are so cute!! I envy your nap taking abilities. I usually cannot sleep during the day. The kids as babies trained me not to sleep. It never mattered how LONG it took me to fall asleep they would wake up as soon as I did. LOL Every once in a while I get in a good nap. Not often...


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